Merrifield Tournament

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April 17-19 2014
The Merrifield Office Plus Invitational Tournament was started in the spring of 2000 by former Pioneer baseball coach Larry Coonrod.  It was the first spring that David Allen Ballpark was completed.  The tournament was started so that small schools in the northwest Oklahoma area would have a chance to play at a “big time” venue.  It is a ten team tournament that consists of Chisholm, Cimarron, Drummond, Fairview, Garber, Oklahoma Bible Academy, Pioneer, Pond Creek-Hunter, Timberlake, and Watonga.

In 2005 the tournament received a terrific boost when Chisholm Trail Broadcasting began broadcasting all of the games on radio and also providing a detailed game program to the fans that consists of all team rosters as well as a tournament history.

In a short time the tournament has seen some of the best baseball talent in Oklahoma.  Major League Draft choices such as Kendall Bergdall, Jared Swart and Matt Peck from Cimarron and Shawn Epps from Pioneer all played in the Merrifield tournament.  Blake Hurlbutt from Chisholm who played at Wichita State, Wayne Runnels from Watonga who went on to play basketball at Creighton as well as many other outstanding players who have went on to have terrific college careers.

One of the most memorable games was the 2005 championship game which featured Shawn Epps of Pioneer on the mound against Matt Peck of Cimarron.  The tournament has become known for its exceptional players as well as the large crowds that gather to watch.  The 2011 championship game featuring Pond Creek-Hunter and Timberlake had the largest attendance ever seen at the tournament easily exceeding 1,000 people watching the game.

Past Merrifield Office Plus Invitational Champions

                             Champion                           Runner-up

2000                   Pioneer                              Chisholm
2001                   Chisholm                           Cimarron
2002                   Cimarron                           Chisholm
2003                   Timberlake                        Chisholm
2004                   Chisholm                          Pioneer
2005                   Pioneer                              Cimarron
2006                   Pioneer                              Cimarron
2007                   Cimarron                           Watonga
2008                   Cimarron                           Watonga
2009                   Timberlake                        Pond Creek-Hunter
2010                   Drummond                        Pioneer
2011                   Pond Creek-Hunter            Timberlake
2012                   Pioneer                             Timberlake
2013                   Rained Out 

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