Baseball Camp

JUNE 5 – 9, 2017

This is a great opportunity for young boys to play ball in “Enid’s Field of Dreams’. From the brick arches at the entrance of the stadium to the scoreboard in the outfield, this truly is a maginficent facility. The stadium structure includes two enclosed VIP sections, a press box, a large concession stand, two bathrooms, a local baseball museum, gift shop and ticket office. The stands include 359 chair-back seats that were imported from the old Baltimore Memorial Stadium. Boys will enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium.
General Information
A daytime baseball camp for boys ages 5 to 12. Imagine the opportunity for your boy to receive instructions in all phases of baseball. This Camp is of interest to any boy now playing baseball or any boy who has never had the opportunity to learn how to play baseball. This Camp is small enough for each and every player to receive personal attention yet large enough to employ Big League Technique. The Camp will not interfere with boy’s plans to play organized baseball this summer. Enid Baseball Camp is under the direction of EHS Head Baseball Coach, Brad Gore.
CAMP PURPOSE: To help young boys get a good fundamental foundation for the game. Three full hours of basebaall each day for one week.
DAILY SCHEDULE: 8:30am – 11:30 Monday thru FridayEquipment: Boys must furnish their own playing equipment including glove and bat. Boys should wear long pants or baseball pants because they will have sliding training and be expected to slide during practice games. Boys may wear cleats if they wish, but any type of shoe is acceptable.
EQUIPMENT FURNISHED: The Camp will furnished a Camp T-shirt and Cap, all Cathcing Gear (mask, leg guards, catchers glove and body protector), Head protectors for all batters, and baseball. (Boys should leave their own baseball at home).
TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will be furnished by parents. Car pools could be organized to cut down on expenses.
PRIZES: Bats, Baseballs and Trophies will be presented to winners in the Pitching, Hitting and Fielding contests.
POPSICLE DAY:One day each week is set aside for Popsicle Day and each camper cools off with a Popsicle.
BASEBALL CARD DAY:Baseball Cards are given to each camper and he can keep the ones he is given or trade with other campers on trading day.
MAJOR LEAGUE TRAINING FILMS: One day will be set aside for training films (the first rainy day if possible).

• For the boy that made the team, it teaches proper fundamentals and improves his play with added confidence.
• For the boy who made the team but is setting on the bench, it helps him keep up with the team and in some cases find a starting spot.
• For the boy who got cut, it keeps him from missing a summer of baseball and getting further behind and helps him get the confidence to make the team next summer.

The Camp is not competitive and each boy gets the attention he needs and all boys get to play regardless of ability. The Camp helps a boy enjoy and appreciate the game of baseball.

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